Elements is the concept of a customisable and lasting
earphone system.

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Image: Mario Zanaria
Designed for You
and our Planet
One earphone — many possibilities
53.6 million tonnes of e‑waste in 2019
This is equal to the weight of the entire population of Europe. If this waste is not disposed of properly, toxic materials can be released into the environment.

UN ITU E-waste Monitor 2020
1 billion earphones sold in 2020
Earphones are the most used electronic accessory. Because of their small size, they are almost irreparable and are thrown away carelessly. On average, wireless earphones are used for 2 years only.
Modularity means that you can repair and upgrade individual components easily.

Repairing your product must be cheaper than buying a new one, so it stays in use longer.

Long-lasting products can save vast amounts of resources and electronic waste, which makes them more ecological.
Set a statement — listen sustainably